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I am a qualified Hatha Yoga Instructor since 1998 and have furthered this with lyengar and Astanga Teacher training.


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Hatha is the most popular, and it is from which several other Styles of Yoga originated including Ashtanga  and Iyengar.

Yoga tries to achieve balance between body and mind, as well as attempts to free the more subtle spiritual elements of the mind through physical poses or Asanas,Breathing Techniques or Pranayama, andMeditation

The practice can help you recognize your hidden physical and mental potentials. Through the continued performance of Asanas, you will gain flexibility and strength, and learn to be more relaxed under otherwise stressful situations.  Relaxation Exercises will open the energy channels, which in turn allows spiritual energy to flow freely.

It can also help you cope with stress, relieve tension, and deal with anxiety and depression. More importantly, it will help you put your mind in a focused state to prepare for Meditation and, eventually, the search for enlightenment.

Private Classes

Traditionally,Yoga was taught on a One To One basis,there are many advantages to having your own private classes, at a time and place to suit you and your schedule

Please enquire about costs and timetables.

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